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Unwinder Station

  • Safe and Compact Design
  • Pneumatically Operated Web Splicing Arrangement
  • User friendly and Easy to Operate

Extruder with hopper loader & dryer

  • Designed for Better and Cost Efficient Coating
  • Dryer in Hopper provided for Moisture removal of Granules
  • Suitable for Films and Lamination
  • Multilayer Films or Coating Possible (AB, ABA)

T-Die with external Dackling

  • Safe Design
  • Designed for minimum possible wastage
  • Maintenance Free
  • Carbon Formation Free Design

Winder Station

  • Specially Designed for Woven Fabric
  • Safe Design
  • Safe Design
  • Easy to Operate

Turrent Unwinder

  • Safety and Health Inspection
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Environmental Consulting
  • Reliability and Safety Assessment
  • Immediate response to clients’

Corona Treatar

  • For Treatment of Corona into Paper
  • For Better Printing Quality and Better Bonding

Drum Rewinder

  • Safe and Compact Design
  • Easy Changeover between two passes
  • Minimized wastage
  • Better Winding

Laminator Roll with Logo

  • Imprints Designed Logo on the Laminated Paper
  • Used for Identification of the Laminated Product